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Canine Massage Therapy Now Available!

From the Medina County SPCA NEWZETTE



Maria Duthie, one of our adoption volunteers, has become certified in Canine Massage Therapy and is now offering this service to SPCA Members' Pets and to the foster dogs.


The art of massage dates back to 1700 BC in Eastern cultures and to the fifth century in Europe.  It is only recently that massage has been accepted as part of the total health care of an individual.  That individual can also be an animal.  In the horse world, massage is widely used; other species can now take advantage of it.


The benefits of massage are vast but it is important to remember that it is not used in place of any veterinary care.  Its goal is to promote health and wellness, reduce stress and enhance performance.  Massage reduces tension and swelling, relaxes muscle spasms and warms muscles prior to use.  It can also work to relieve adhesions and help prevent more from forming.  Through proper application of Swedish and sports massage technique, the dog can have a comforting touching experience.


Massage is good for animals of all ages and exercise levels.  Both show animals and family pets can benefit from the work done on their muscles.  Maria will be volunteering her massage services for the SPCA foster dogs.  Many of those dogs are stressed, malnourished, sick or injured, and will really benefit from a massage therapy session.


For further information on the art of animal massage or to schedule an appointment for your loved pet, contact Maria at 440-846-9247.  Maria says that she will be certified in equine (horse) and feline (cat) massage later this year.