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What is acupressure for animals?

Acupressure is based on thousands of years of oriental medicine. In this modality, the body is viewed as an interconnected energy system via meridian systems. Applying finger pressure to specific points of the body can balance the energy along the entire body. The pathways that map out these points on the body are called meridians and all life has them. The points can either be stimulated or sedated to move energy through the body. Acupressure prevents or removes blockages in the energy flow that can cause pain or discomfort. Maria received her training for equine acupressure in Colorado. She is certified in both canine and equine acupressure.
When working an acupressure point, you can use other homeopathic treatments to stimulate or sedate. These treatments include aromatherapy such as essential oils and flower essences. Magnets and colors can also be used to effect a point. The benefit of these techniques is that the point can continue receiving stimulation or sedation following the treatment. Acupressure is a successful way to treat animals.