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What is craniosacral?

Maria studied craniosacral under Bailey Tune who is a licensed massage therapist who specializes in this work. This technique works to restore balance to the autonomic nervous system. Through this balancing, the body can rest and relax as we ask it to. It can also respond to the need to fight or flight, as it needs to. During this procedure the practitioner takes the body where it needs to go. This can release long-standing tension in a muscle due to accidental trauma or from being forced to go in a particular manner for a long period of time. Muscle pain due to accidents responds well to this modality.
This massage technique is a very subtle yet powerful one. It acts similarly to facia release techniques. It is very relaxing to the recipient. Most of this work is very light but it still creates positive change in the tissue. Horses respond very well to this work. It is often the work that seems to be nothing at all to an observer that does the most good for the animal.