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About the practitioner

Maria K. McManus Duthie completed her massage training through the Optissage program in Circleville Ohio. She has studied animal science at the University of Florida, exotic animal management at the Sante Fe teaching zoo program, and animal behavior at Indiana University. She has owned horses for over twenty years and has worked as a stable manager, groom, trainer, and exercise rider in a number of stables with a variety of disciplines.
She was a zookeeper for four years during which time she wrote several papers on behavioral enrichment. It was while in this position she began to see the correlation between physical pain and behavioral problems first hand. She then began to study several forms of healing touch and behavior modification.
In addition to exotics she studied dog, cat, and horse behavior. The combination of behavioral knowledge, anatomical knowledge, and massage techniques addition to several years of practical experience allows Maria to work with animals on several levels. Annisage promotes healthier animals from the inside out.
Currently, Maria is teaching monthly classes in How To Massage Your Own Dog. Additionally, she is involved in giving speeches for both national and local groups.

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